2009 Photos: The Rain Garden


This spring, we decided to build a rain garden between our yard
and our neighbor Sue's yard.

We submitted a plan to Iowa City for the BMP cost
share application
(Best Management Practices).
The program is for encouraging water diversion
from storm sewers for reduced pollution.
(Also helps with flooding.) In the end, the city
paid for 95% of the estimated materials cost!


We had several lilac bushes lining the fence on our side, and
Sue had some conifer trees that we cut down. Here's what
it looked like after everything was chopped down.


We got a trencher and dug a 4" wide line between our houses.

We trenched a diagonal line across our backyard...

And across Sue's yard. Chant's having fun w/ all those levers!


Video of Chant working the Ditch Witch



We hooked up the corrugated pipe to the rain gutters and buried it.

Chant hooked up the rain barrel overflow
and the sump pump to the underground pipe.

Go Go Gadget Pipe Arm!

Burying the pipe in Sue's yard.

Sue's house on the left, ours on the right.
We diverted the rain water from 3 of 4 rain gutters from
each house, being carried diagonally down each yard
and in between our houses, to meet at a point where
the rain garden will start.


We took down a portion of the fence between our yards.


Video of the fence removal


Then we had to decide what the shape of the 200 sq. ft.
garden would be.

Di and Nick with the measuring tape (calculating curved spaces
is not as easy as you would think!)


Let the digging begin!

Chant working on digging out a lilac root.

Risa admiring the new hole of dirt.


Video of Chant Excavating



Video of the Excavating Finale



Rain Garden 1: Excavating

Rain Garden 2: Setting It Up

Rain Garden 3: Finishing

Rain Garden: 2010



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